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Registration for our Fall 2019-2020 season is now open.

Students over the age of 12 may require an assessment to be place in the appropriate level. Please contact the office to book an assessment.

Upon registering you will have the option to choose 1 complete payment or 8 monthly payments. The tuition amounts shown below reflect the 8 payment option. Please refer to the 2019-2020 Fee Schedule for more details on fee and discounts.

For more information on our 2019-2020 schedule please review our complete schedule or list of classed offered.

Lessons - Creative Movement

Lessons - Middle School



The following ballet class require attendance 2 times/week:


Hip Hop


The following jazz classes require attendance 2 times/week. The levels with "A" listing in their title also require the addition of ballet at MHSB.

Musical Theatre


Adult Classes